Thursday, April 10, 2014

Minor setback

New Acadia Project not to be supported by the Louisiana Board of Regents ITRS Grant

 10 April 2014

Reviewers of proposals for the Louisiana Board of Regents Industrial Ties Research Subprogram (ITRS) surprisingly did not recommend funding of the New Acadia Project. Nevertheless, plans are being made to move ahead with the New Acadia Project without ITRS support. 

Whatever the reasons for the ITRS grant not being awarded, many people in Louisiana, and especially Acadiana, are very interested in knowing where the initial 1765 home sites and unmarked burials of New Acadia are located, would like to learn more, and think it would present exceptional opportunities for economic development.
In the author's opinion, the out of state reviewers lacked the expertise in culture, history, and cultural economy to fairly evaluate the proposal and its potential for contributing to economic development.
Updates forthcoming...